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Leo Schepens, visual artist, based in Oirschot, is responsible for processing your user data as stated in the below privacy policy.



We may collect your user data when you use and if/when you provide them by filling out our contact form. Please see below for a list of the details we collect; including what we use them for, according to which law we are required to do so and what to do if you have any questions regarding our privacy policy.

When using our contact form, we may collect the following data:

1. Your name

2. Your email address

3. Your phone number


WHY LEOSCHEPENS.COM COLLECTS YOUR DATA may collect your data for the following reasons:

– To follow up on a contract as agreed upon by yourself.
– To process your payment.
– To send you our newsletter or promotional leaflet.
– In case we need to contact you via phone or email to complete a contract.
– To keep you informed of any changes on the website, or any future exhibitions. may also collect your data in case this is required by law, for example in the case of tax purposes.


HOW LONG WE WILL KEEP YOUR DATA will save your data no longer than is necessary for the purpose for which it is collected. Your data will be kept no longer than a year. Your data will not be kept if no accord can be agreed upon with you, or an accord is terminated.


WILL YOUR DATA BE SHARED? will only share your data with a third party if this is necessary to achieve an accord with you, or if it is deemed necessary by law.


MAPPING YOUR WEBSITE USE uses Google Analytics to analyse how this website is used. It may be necessary, according to law or regulations, to allow this data processor access to your data. does not permit Google to use the collected data for their own purposes and your IP address will be kept anonymous.


THE USE OF COOKIES, OR SIMILAR TECHNOLOGIES uses technical and practical cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer, smartphone or tablet when you first visit this website. They are required for the functionality of the website and to enable personalised content for your convenience. Basically, they ensure that this website runs smoothly and your preferred settings are remembered. Additionally they allow for the optimum use of this website.
If you prefer, you can opt out by setting your internet browser to disallow further use of cookies. Additionally, you can remove any of the previously saved data in your internet browser settings.

EMAILING will save the details provided by you and will use them in future to contact you personally by email to keep you informed of any changes to this website and/or any future exhibitions. When you receive an email from, you have the option to unsubscribe if you so desire, using the link at the bottom of the email.



In some cases we are required to cooperate with other organisations to fulfil our obligations to you. Sometimes this means we may use the systems employed by delivery service providers, in which case the delivery service provider will also have acces to your details. We will always ensure that any third parties will keep your details safe.



You may view any and all of your data which is processed or kept by If you do not wish to receive any targeted information regarding our services, you can unsubscribe. You may ask to have your data removed from our database, but be aware that this may not always be possible in accordance with the law. If this happens you will of course be informed as to why this is the case.


SECURITY takes the protection of your data very seriously and will take strict measures to deal with any miss-use, theft, unwarranted acces, unwanted publication and unsolicited changes. If you feel that your data is not protected appropriately or witness any sign of miss-use, please contact us using



We maintain the right to make changes to our privacy policy at all times. However, this page will always show the most recent version. Therefore, check this page regularly to keep up to date. is a property of Leo Schepens

You may contact us at:

De Korenaar 61

5688 RX, Oirschot


(+31) 499 842 650